For The Record (Part II)

My job as a parent is to raise my/our children in the manner most suitable for them. For the record, I do not need the permission of this world or ANYONE in it to do my job. #micdrop


Sky loves Rock. Rock loves Sky. She watches his every move. He is her first line of defense. She is his best friend (Rock’s words, not mine). Sometimes they fuss. Sometimes they play in harmony. It really is a sight to see. To watch them grow together. In love. In friendship. How amazing. How wonderful. … More Shadow


I am satisfied with my choices. I am confident in my mothering. I am grateful for my life. In everything, give thanks… NAMASTE

Double Vision

I love twins! Everything about them. Fraternal. Identical. Same gender. Differing genders. I just adore twins! No. I never wished to be a twin. Yes. I did hope for twins both times I was pregnant. Yes. I was content and relieved when each of my pregnancies produced one baby. (I have twins on both sides … More Double Vision