Diamond Heart II

My son and I are so alike. It took me years to realize.  I am often calling him out for things that I do myself, like being hot tempered, sensitive, not wanting to get my hair done (ahahahaha), or wanting to have the last word. I think it must be hard for him being the … More Diamond Heart II

Queen (Part II)

Some people fall apart and stop. I fall apart and keep moving. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Trust yourself.  

Rock 4.0

Four years of Rock…how positively divine!! We laugh, we cry, we hug, we run, we jump (more so you than me!), you help to fold the laundry (thank you), you wash dishes without being asked, you are always eager to take the rubbish out,  you love to take the bus just like your mom, your … More Rock 4.0

Big Foot

Oh Stella. How much you have grown! Mommy measured your little feet today, to see if we could get some moccasins online. Your feet measure just over 5 inches. Too big for the inexpensive [yet so ADORABLE] mocs. The ones that are allegedly for 12-18 months. Let’s measure Rock’s feet just for fun. Hmm…7 inches … More Big Foot

Tears In Heaven

Easter morning, the phone rings. News that my Nana has died. Outside the rain falls, and falls, and falls. Showers of blessing for sure. As the first-born grandchild, my heart is heavy. My Grandmother was a light to our family, a true matriarch in her own rite. I am thankful for the time she spent … More Tears In Heaven


I am satisfied with my choices. I am confident in my mothering. I am grateful for my life. In everything, give thanks… NAMASTE