Rock 4.0

Four years of Rock…how positively divine!! We laugh, we cry, we hug, we run, we jump (more so you than me!), you help to fold the laundry (thank you), you wash dishes without being asked, you are always eager to take the rubbish out,  you love to take the bus just like your mom, your … More Rock 4.0

Respect My Hustle

I work hard for my family. My husband. My children. My parents. My nieces. My nephews. My sisters. My brothers. My community. My work is tireless, relentless, and at times, undervalued. Nobody likes to feel unappreciated, dismissed, irrelevant, or invisible. Inhale. Exhale. Release. Repeat. Respect my hustle, or keep it moving. (Bye, Felicia!) Yours truly, … More Respect My Hustle

Big Foot

Oh Stella. How much you have grown! Mommy measured your little feet today, to see if we could get some moccasins online. Your feet measure just over 5 inches. Too big for the inexpensive [yet so ADORABLE] mocs. The ones that are allegedly for 12-18 months. Let’s measure Rock’s feet just for fun. Hmm…7 inches … More Big Foot

Double Vision

I love twins! Everything about them. Fraternal. Identical. Same gender. Differing genders. I just adore twins! No. I never wished to be a twin. Yes. I did hope for twins both times I was pregnant. Yes. I was content and relieved when each of my pregnancies produced one baby. (I have twins on both sides … More Double Vision


My little girl is three weeks old!! Such a joy. So zen. So calm. So present. We love you Stella Sky. xo #rockandsky