I am satisfied with my choices. I am confident in my mothering. I am grateful for my life. In everything, give thanks… NAMASTE


If I had to list my worst habits from 1 to 10, “wiping my hands on my clothes” would take top spot.  Hand to God: I am notorious for wiping my hands on my clothes. When I cook, when I wash dishes, when my babies spit up… I tend to wipe it on my clothes. … More Notorious

Second Chance

It is so amazing to be a new mom, for the second time. Here are some highlights from the past six days: Lotus birth: We waited a full 48 hours before cutting our girl’s cord. So amazing to watch that transition, and to allow her to slowly detach from her placenta/tree of life Naming our … More Second Chance

It’s A Girl!

On a full moon, in the island of Bermuda, after a swift and powerful labor of 3 hours 21 minutes, our beautiful little girl emerged victorious. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. #LifeIsGood