For The Record (Part II)

My job as a parent is to raise my/our children in the manner most suitable for them. For the record, I do not need the permission of this world or ANYONE in it to do my job. #micdrop Advertisements

Big Foot

Oh Stella. How much you have grown! Mommy measured your little feet today, to see if we could get some moccasins online. Your feet measure just over 5 inches. Too big for the inexpensive [yet so ADORABLE] mocs. The ones that are allegedly for 12-18 months. Let’s measure Rock’s feet just for fun. Hmm…7 inches … More Big Foot


I am satisfied with my choices. I am confident in my mothering. I am grateful for my life. In everything, give thanks… NAMASTE


My little girl is three weeks old!! Such a joy. So zen. So calm. So present. We love you Stella Sky. xo #rockandsky

Family Portrait

My drawing skills have come a long way. I never fancied myself an artist, but I have to say, I am impressed with myself. Check out our family portrait below, and let me know what you think! (Sidenote: Father Frankie drew himself. So I had a bit of help with that part. Still, my skill … More Family Portrait