Exhale (Part III)

Dear Mama Lawes, I thought of you today. I woke up next to my baby girl, her name is Stella, and immediately my mind turned to you. It made me smile. I walked to the washroom and turned on the shower. I am learning these days how to make time for me. Sometimes you just … More Exhale (Part III)

Tears In Heaven (Part III)

Dear Nana, How has a year gone by already?  In the beginning I was sad, mad, and angry. But then, in the memories, I found perfect peace. How magical that your breath turned to air on a Sunday. Our special day. I miss you Beauty. We all do. Rest well my Queen…

Diamond Heart II

My son and I are so alike. It took me years to realize.  I am often calling him out for things that I do myself, like being hot tempered, sensitive, not wanting to get my hair done (ahahahaha), or wanting to have the last word. I think it must be hard for him being the … More Diamond Heart II

Baby Steps (Part V)

What a beautiful Sunday, a rocky start, but happiness nonetheless… Stella woke up asking for daddy, and I made up my mind to make that happen. I phone daddy on his phone, but no answer. To be fair, we are not phone people. We are more focused on enjoying, loving, and teaching our children, which … More Baby Steps (Part V)