The Story In the Story

On the adventure of a lifetime, just Frankie and Maya, embracing change, challenging ourselves, growing in admiration for the world that surrounds us, for the cultures we have only read about, or seen socially maligned via CNN, respecting that everyone is beautiful in their own way, while practicing peace and true acceptance, learning more as the days go by, about him, about her, about the importance of smiles and happiness, and recognizing what really matters in this adventure called LIFE.

Namaste. x


6 thoughts on “The Story In the Story

  1. Peace, Love, & Blessings to you 2.
    I know you will enjoy yourselves, so no need to tell you that.
    But I will say that I am blessed to know people like you guys, & I know that everyone that you encounter will feel the same way.
    One Love
    King Somner is RaEL

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