Some days I sit down when my house is quiet, and I reflect on days gone by.  Such reflections usually give way to a host of emotions. When the dust settles I force myself to realize I could get mad, sad, angry, depressed, or I could embrace my mistakes, learn from the past, and give thanks for the end of a living nightmare.

From my experience I have learned the following: If a man expects you to be the provider there is something wrong with him.  If a man is able bodied but refuses to work to provide for his family, there is something off with that person. If a man is constantly attempting to convince you that getting by on next to nothing is honorable or is somehow a form of being conscious/deep/earthy/holistic, please put on your sneakers and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. This person is no good for you; they will suck everything they can from you, and they have no goddamn intention of ever being the man you deserve.

Let me be clear: A real man would NEVER EVER expect a woman to provide for him. I cannot be kind about this. Because the stakes are too high, and women these days are too deluded, and too confused, and lacking self-respect, and therefore are eager and willing to convince themselves they are special because they are helping their man out while he is down and out. No darling, there is a huge difference between supporting someone, and giving them a free ride. (I should know.)

It may hurt to admit that you allowed yourself to be played for the last few months, or ten years (wink, wink). But you’re a big girl, and big girls take responsibility for their choices, the good and not-so-good.

Cheers to a brand new day, falling in love with yourself again, and doing no harm while taking no shit.