In The Meantime…

I am straightforward and uncomplicated. I long for simple pleasures. I am working on my boundaries. And I am getting damn good at saying NO.

To anyone that was offended by how often they DO NOT hear from me, while I was adapting to life as a single-parent and attempting to create some semblance of normal for myself, my former spouse, and our two beloved children – just know that I mean no harm.

The thing about me is: THIS IS MY LIFE, and I can choose how to live it, and with whom I spend my time. And so can you.  Whether I speak to you once a week or once a year, why are you hurt?  We humans need to learn to accept meantime relationships for what they are. Wonderful. Uplifting. Lesson-Teaching. Temporary. (And please don’t waste your time complimenting me on how awesome, cool, or down-to-earth you think I am. Flattery will get you NOWHERE with me. My parents laid the ground work, so I already know how amazing I AM. Ahahahahaha… I am having a good time writing this post.)

I have enough friends. And I love the friends I have. They are loyal, patient, kind, and generous, with hearts of GOLD. I am thankful for my circle. They honor me, and I honor them. The way [true] friendship ought to be.

Everything in my life has led to this moment. The point in my life when I can recognize without GUILT, that no association (or meantime relationship/friendship) trumps my duty to MYSELF or my children.

I AM an awesome woman/queen/lover/mother/cousin/friend/daughter/sister. And I am just fine, in my own little world, with those who have been granted a seat at my table.