Diamond Heart

My son Rock…

Four years old and both wild and wonderful all at the same time. Always testing his boundaries and exercising his independence, but also always loving and forever curious. He spends some of his days with Dad now, and he loves it. I love it too because I have noticed so many new things about him since this new phase of our lives began.  He sings now. Which I simply adore. I would try all the time to get him to sing with me but he would act shy and just laugh at my attempts, but now he sings. Every day.  His time with Dad has created so much confidence already and I look forward to each new day, patiently waiting to see what ‘tomorrow’ brings. I miss him, when we are apart, but I do enjoy the quiet mornings and snuggling Stella. I get so excited to see him when he comes home. And as he grows, I find myself finding myself, learning, seeing, understanding who I am, and what I [really] want. Self-discovery has become simpler, easier, and a practice that I approach with much more grace than I did before Rock came along.

I no longer explain my son, or attempt to shape him into what the world thinks he should be. He is heavenly. Flawless. Wonderful. Loving. Kind. Amazing. Simply. Undeniably. Without a doubt.

Rock loves with his whole being and I am so fortunate to have him.